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Effective On-Line Video Strategies

Presented by Glenn Grant and Jim McLaughlin.

Jim and Glenn will work with you to identify the types of videos that will be most effective for your business and establish a schedule of how often you should be posting new content.

Most business owners and professionals know they should be using on-line video to communicate with their customers and to create new relationships.  But most people get stuck when it comes to developing content.

Some people upload a whole bunch of videos to see what works, while others post only one video and pray that it works.  Both options are strategies, but neither one is very effective.

We will also share with you some secrets for creating an outline for different types of videos.  This will allow you to identify what you need to include in each video and you will see how each individual video works as part of the over all strategy.

This is not a workshop for how to set up your camera, or how to upload to YouTube, This is about creating a strategy using on line video to help strengthen and build your business.

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